Therapy Dog Gets Human Therapy! by Nan Hanshaw

In January, Smidgen, my boxer had major surgery to repair one of her knees.  She had an immune reaction to the metal plates which were placed in her leg, and recovery has been difficult.  She is probably facing yet another surgery on this knee, and the other knee will also need repair if this one heals.  She has been without a walk or other activity for nine weeks, and is likely looking at several more months at the very least.  She is not allowed to play tug with the other dogs and can’t go for car rides.  She is depressed because she is not visiting and doesn’t get enough mental stimulation or exercise, and she has pain in her leg.  

Several  weeks ago Jeanne Beckley from MICU at the Hershey Med Center did a “human therapy visit”.  She came to our house and brought a gift bag full of toys and treats and a get well card signed by all the staff and a few of Smidgen’s favorite physicians from MICU.  This cheered Smidgen and her mom up quite a bit.  As you can see by the photo, she is very attached to one of her new squeaky toys.  We hope to get Smidgen back in shape to be able to visit her friends in MICU again soon.