Touching Lives, Warming Hearts

Through Human & Animal Interactions


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Renewal Fee Breakdown

Volunteer w/ one dog: $40
Each extra dog per person: $5


Example 1: Volunteer w/pet 1: $40
Example 2: Volunteer w/pet 1 and pet 2: $45
Example 3: Family Vol 1 w/pet 1 and pet 2: $45
Family Vol 2 w/pet 1: $40
Family total: $85

Supporting Member suggested donation: $50




*You can pay online by Credit Card or PayPal

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Or if you prefer to send a check,
mail KPETS –KPETS, PO Box 208, Akron, PA 17501.

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General donations are greatly appreciated to allow us to keep our renewal fees low and help us continue Touching Lives Y Warming Hearts through human/animal interactions.