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Sammy made an impression

While working away in the office today, a lady stopped by to request a visit for two special needs adult ladies that she supervises in their group home. Her name was Gayle. I knew she looked familiar from somewhere but could not place her. She knew me from way back a few years ago when […]

Sammy 11/15 visit at Lancaster Rehab hospital

Sammy’s visit at the Lancaster Rehab Hospital went as usual with nothing real eventful, until…..After our hour-long visit working with the physical therapists and patients, we did our last round of saying our goodbyes. Nurses and therapists were all lined up at the long desk documenting their days accomplishments. Patients quietly waited for their escort back to their rooms. Sammy strutted his […]

In Memory of Sammy’s Friend John

Several years ago a co-worker’s husband, John, was eventually diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer after months of testing. Kathy told me at work one day that John’s doctor had mentioned the fact that if John would like a dog, it could help him through this terrible journey they were about to face.  Mesothelioma and Alternative Therapies Kathy originally asked me […]