Take Your Meds, Please by Sherry Waple

My Aussie, Chloe, and I are new members to Kpets.  We became registered on February 28th and had our third visit at Elizabethtown Manor Care on Tuesday, March 8th.   

On this  visit, one of the nurses was having a difficult time getting one of the residents to take their medication.  The resident really likes Chloe so the nurse started to tell her that the meds were from Chloe and that Chloe wanted her to take them.  The resident still wouldn’t take them.  So I asked the resident if she wanted to shake Chloe’s paw.  She said she did.  I told her that if she took her medicine then Chloe would shake her hand.  She took her meds right down!  Of course, Chloe shook her hand and the resident was very happy:)  I was sooooo proud of Chloe and the nurse thanked me for helping.  I told the nurse that is what we are there for.  Not just to  visit, but to help in anyway we can.  

It really made me feel good that we were able to help with the meds and I can see how much of a difference Chloe makes emotionally with the people that request to see her each week when we visit.  It also makes you feel good after being there a few times that some of the residents know Chloe by name and she’s really getting to know them pretty well too. 

I am really glad we became a part of Kpets and are making a difference in their lives.