Touching Lives, Warming Hearts

Through Human & Animal Interactions

KPETS Board of Directors

Bill Beyer – Board Chair

Retired attorney with 30 years’ practice experience, including 10 years as managing partner of a small general practice law firm in Lancaster. Instructor of Business Law at Penn State University, as well as teacher of an LSAT Prep Course at several colleges and universities in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Indiana. Served 20 years on the Bart Township Planning Commission. Community activities include serving on Board of Directors of Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services, Inc., and active volunteering for Hospice and Community. Bill joined SCORE in 2013 and is Vice President for Education.

Erin Wolfe – Treasurer



Erin is a CPA and the Assistant Controller at Wayforth, LLC. Previously, she worked at RKL LLP as a Consultant in their Senior Living Services Consulting Group where she spent time working in numerous retirement communities. It was during this time when Erin saw firsthand the positive impact that pet therapy teams had on both the elderly population and their care providers.


Anita Wolfe

PHR Binkley & Hurst

Anita is a PHR for Binkley and Hurst Human Resources Department. Previously she and her husband raised two amazing now-adult children.  Anita has been a volunteer with KPETS over the years with her goldens Gracie and Tre, now romping whole and healthy over Rainbow Bridge.  Observing first-hand the magic of Gracie and Tre blessing so many others only affirms her support of KPETS mission. “All we have to do is share our pets and let them do what comes so naturally.”


Tom Burgum

Score Mentor

  • Retired after 43 years from Armstrong World Industries
  • Career in sales, marketing and training and development
  • SCORE Certified Mentor for 13 years
  • Owner of Golden Retriever rescues Kallie and Kacie


Lori Roscoe







Lori Roscoe has worked in communications, fundraising and volunteer management in the nonprofit world for more than 40 years. She first witnessed the impact of KPETS at the Schreiber Center for Pediatric Development, where KPETS dogs assist with physical, occupational and speech therapy. Current furry family members include 2 grand-dogs – Chevy, a German Shorthair Pointer and Apollo, a German Shepherd mix rescue.

Darlene Graham

Retired Educator/Volunteer


Darlene taught high school English at both Cocalico School District and Conestoga Valley School District for 37 years. Once she retired in 1999, she spent some time teaching at Linden Hall.  Not long after her first grand-daughter arrived, she officially opened a “granny’s day care” for her two grand-daughters.  In 2016, she joined KPETS as a volunteer with her Cavalier King Charles, Karina, and eventually added Petey. Since then she has volunteered as a presenter and as chair of the Tails of Comfort fundraiser.  She joined the KPETS board in the fall of 2019.

Christi Brown – Secretary

Senior Director, Volunteer Engagement – Wellspan

Erika Wilkinson

VP for Strategic Enrollment Management – PA College of Health Sciences


Erika has worked in higher education for over 25 years, as both an educator and an administrator.  She has lived in Lancaster County since 1995, with her husband Doug and their two kids: Sierra and Alex.  Erika learned of KPETS at work when the therapy animals came to support the College students.  From her first meeting with the therapy animals, she has wanted to be a KPET team.  Her passion for KPETS led her to serve on the board and help lead the organization.


Karen Gerth

KPETS Founder

Karen worked in IT for years but found her passion of sharing her dogs through pet therapy visits. Volunteering with national therapy dog organizations, she soon realized they could not keep up with the demand to screen and register new volunteer teams.  After being motivated by her pastor’s messages on Vision and doing quite a bit of research, KPETS was founded in 2003. KPETS was formed not only to register more volunteers, but to connect those volunteers and their pets with the needs in our communities. “I finally found out why God put me here.” Karen lives with her husband, three amazing Golden Retrievers, a horse and three goats.