Touching Lives, Warming Hearts

Through Human & Animal Interactions

Step Three: Visit Evaluations

…by a KPETS Evaluator after completing a successful Group Evaluation screening. Two different evaluators will be used for each observed visit.  Please contact the evaluators directly to set up your Visit Evaluation. Facilities may have specific requirements regarding Covid precautions. The evaluators will inform you of those requirements when you set up your evaluation.

Here’s a list of KPETS Evaluators and their contact information:  When corresponding by email, please include “KPETS visit evaluation” in the subject line of your email. Our evaluators are all volunteers and will respond to you as time allows. Please be patient or try calling, as well. Thank you!

Small animal (cat, etc) evaluators are noted with an asterisk *

Please note:  You may contact any of the following evaluators. The county heading indicates where the visit evaluation is held not where you reside.


Berks County:
Kathy Weber: text (484) 955-3476 or


Lancaster County Area:
Jolene Newcomer:
Darlene Graham: text (717) 314-4413 or
Heather Thibeault – call or text (717) 413-0941
Sharon McLaughlin:

Lebanon County Area:
Mark Van Order: text or call (717) 203-9756


York Area: 
Kem Mirsky: text (717) 332-5056 or
Maureen Skroly: (717) 891-6589 or
*Harriet Hombach: (717) 266-2163 or
*Mickie Terry: text or call (717) 856-3878 or
Melea Thomas: (717) 887-8577 or
Jen Trout (717) 891-1375