Touching Lives, Warming Hearts

Through Human & Animal Interactions

Become a KPETS Therapy Team

KPETS volunteers share their own pet with people in our communities.

NOTE: At this time, we only offer registration in PA.

There are Four Steps to Becoming a Registered KPETS Therapy Team:

Step 1. Orientation Class

The orientation session is approximately three hours long and is for the handler only. It provides information about KPETS’ mission, services, what the expectations are for the pet and handlers, and what to expect when you go on visits.

Step 2. Group Evaluation

This screening is to see how you and your pet work together.  In this controlled setting, your pet will be asked to demonstrate basic obedience.  We also observe how the pet reacts to crowds, other pets, rough petting, loud noises, wheelchairs or walkers, etc.  Our trained evaluators will provide guidance in specific areas, as needed.

Step 3. Visit Evaluations

After completion of a successful group evaluation, you will join an evaluator on two actual visits for evaluation and on-the-job training.  To confirm the team’s readiness for registration, it is highly recommended that different evaluators be used for each visit.

Step 4. Final Steps for Therapy Registration

After the first three steps are successfully met, all required paperwork and a photo needs to be completed and submitted for processing.  You will then receive a certificate of completion and your official KPETS name tag.  You will also receive a letter stating your liability insurance coverage for each year.

Please Note:  KPETS has adopted a policy to comply with the PA law regarding Background Checks. Getting the required Background Checks is something you can start at any time. (Click here) KPETS will need copies of your background checks on file before we can complete your registration process.