Touching Lives, Warming Hearts

Through Human & Animal Interactions

Background Checks

Each volunteer (PA Residents and Non-PA Residents) is required to complete a Volunteer PA Resident Affidavit that you can find in the KPETS Folder given out at Orientation.

PA Residents

Non-PA Residents

All new volunteers are required to complete and submit the clearances as a part of the registration process.

Clearances are valid for five years from date of issue and will need to be resubmitted as they expire.

FBI Details

NEW – FBI Fingerprinting procedures for Pennsylvania

As of November 18, 2017, the State of Pennsylvania has chosen a new vendor for volunteers who need FBI Fingerprinting. This new site is much more user friendly!


  • Go to IdentoGO website:
  • Enter the Service Code: 1KG6ZJ and hit GO
  • Schedule or Manage Appointment – NEXT
  • Fill out Name/Method of Contact information – NEXT
  • Enter Citizenship information – NEXT
  • Answer next three questions – NEXT
  • Enter Personal Information – NEXT
  • Enter Mailing Address – NEXT
  • Documents – choose Driver’s License issued by State or outlying possession of the U.S. If you do not have a driver’s license, choose something else from the drop down screen. – NEXT
  • Enter your zip code and all local locations to get your prints taken will appear. Click on the location that suits you  – NEXT
  • Set up your appointment. You can walk in at these centers, but it may take more time.
  • Follow the rest of the instructions on the site to complete your FBI clearances.