Touching Lives, Warming Hearts

Through Human & Animal Interactions




Video Testimonials by Life and Legacies / Meredith Jorgensen for KPETS 2017 Tails of Comfort Dinner.

Furry Friends Encourage Reading

  • “The day his dog died, Marty lost another piece of his heart. When Marty was admitted into our hospice care, I knew that the greatest gift I could share with him was to somehow find another Rottie. Within one hour I had arranged for a KPETS volunteer. The memory of Marty’s face when the dog walked into the room will be forever etched in my heart.”
  • “One of my recent child clients was very nervous for our first session. She began crying and was unable to engage with me. Once my client caught sight of our KPETS visitor, she stopped crying immediately. After some doggie snuggles, my client smiled and began to open up to me. I would have struggled to develop trust with this client had a KPETS dog not been present.”
  • “Our rehab patient had his second stroke at only 50 years old and it was very severe. His wife told me how he desperately missed his cat. When we placed the KPETS therapy cat on his chest, he actually attempted to reach out for this precious purring kitty. I did some hand-over-hand assistance so he could pet him. He smiled and his wife said that was the first time she has seen him smile since his stroke.”
  • “KPETS’ involvement with the Schreiber Pediatric Rehab Center has been a tremendously positive experience. We look forward to expanding their involvement with our facility as we continue to service the needs of the children in our community.”Nancy Herrman, PT, PCS, Physical Therapist, Certified Pediatric Clinical Specialist
  • “You can’t describe the feeling that you get when you sense that the patient is getting so much enjoyment from the pet.”  Jeanne Beckley,from an interview on ABC 27  “The Healing Power of Pets” / Interview with Valerie Pritchett at Hershey Medical Center
  • “The combination of your volunteers and the dogs are magic. Everywhere you go, the clients or residents benefit greatly from the healing effects of the bond between human and animal.”  Kate Quinn, Former Director, Volunteer Center, United Way of Lancaster County

Video by Triode Media from SCORE Small Business Awards Luncheon recognizing KPETS!

“Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services now has 375 volunteers, over 400 therapy dogs, as well as therapy cats, horses, and a mini pig! Their mission is to touch lives, to warm hearts. “This mission has changed my entire life and I want to thank SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon for helping me along the way.”
– Karen Gerth, Executive Director/Founder of KPETS – Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services