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In Memory of Podley

Well, it’s official. Podley has been gone for one year today. Probably about now I was in his crate at the Pet Emergency in York, holding his non-repsonsive little body next to me as I tried to take in every detail about him. It’s so hard to hear his breath and then he stopped. How […]

3rd Saturday in Dec

Oh, it’s so hard to believe it’s been a whole year since little Pod passed away so suddenly at only 5.5 years old. The third Saturday in December of ’09 (December 19).  As I go about our day getting ready for Christams this year, I can’t help be recall throughout the day, where we were […]

Best Dream Ever

During the night of November 29, 2010 I  had one of the best dreams ever. Kinda wierd I had this dream during this night. You see, 11/30 would be eight years since I had to put Schatzie, my 17 year old miniature schnauzer to sleep. A very hard time, because at that time, that was […]