Thank You From Upper Bay Counseling Center – Elkton, MD

This is the letter from the kids:

Ms. Barb and Ms. Charlotte that visit with us are absolutely amazing! They take time with the children and are so patient. They always go the extra mile. They have gone so far as to bring a birthday cake to celebrate all the children’s birthdays. Ms. Barb brought her guitar and sang Happy Birthday. In the spring, Ms. Charlotte brought all the children flowers from her garden. They even brought a pony to visit the children.
  • We learn that pets have to learn and follow directions too. They keep trying and never give up.
  • Pets need affections too and we sometimes hug them. They sense danger and want to feel safe too. We see how they are attached to their owners.
  • They are fun to pet and I really enjoy throwing the ball with them. They make me happy. They help us learn to follow directions.
  • I really enjoy playing with them and throwing the ball is fun. They help me be calm.
  • Fun to play with and enjoyable. They make me feel calm. They help me relax. They even brought us a pony and we learned that they need to be taken care of too. We brushed the pony.
  • They make me feel silly. Pets have feelings too. They are different each day they come here to visit.
  • They make me Happy.

  • The ladies are very nice and interact so positively with the children.

Shown in photo are left to right:  Standing is Oxford Public Library Staff

Kneeling:Helen & Buddy, Andy & Dodger, Cathy & Zeus, Debbie & Beamer, Charlotte & Daisy, Barbara & Libby