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Canine Comfort for Child Custody Court

Source: Gettysburg Times By Vanessa Pellechio Sanders Times Staff Writer A yellow British Labrador will bring paws of comfort to children in Adams County custody matters. Adams County commissioners recently approved an agreement with Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services (KPETS) for registered volunteers and their dogs to provide therapeutic canine services in county and court […]

Max Makes a New Friend at Schreiber

Max came to do a speech therapy session with H who is 5 years old and has Autism.  We stayed in the Activities of Daily Living room since it was so hot outside for man and dog that day! H has been a child who has an extremely difficult time attending to anything for more […]

In Loving Memory of Willard

  Dear Willard, We are so blessed to call you friend and to have known you for the short time we did. Though our time together was short in the world’s eyes — it felt more like dog years :), and we were thankful for every moment. Priceless memories. I remember our first visit to […]

Reading with Jean-Luc

Library helpers give Jean-Luc some lovin’ prior to his reading duties at Nottingham Elementary Scho.   by Cynthia Barnes August 2014    Embarking on a read-to-the-dog program with our Standard Poodle, I was filled with major anxieties.  Jean-Luc, an only dog in a quiet household of two retirees, is overjoyed (read that “excessively excited”) when […]

Thank You, Joe

I joined KPETS (Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services) to help make a difference in people’s lives and to bring joy to them through my dogs, Chloe and Echo.  What I was not prepared for was how I would become so profoundly affected by some of those people and how losing them would have such an […]

Maxwell retires after 7 years of service

KPETS will miss retired Maxwell, as will the children he visited. See Carol Johnston’s email below in reference to his retirement dud to health issues. I am just writing to let you know that I am formally retiring Maxwell from being a KPETS therapy dog. We have enjoyed every moment of being part of KPETS […]

Misty has Retired

Misty Has Retired   Here is Misty today, relaxing with her daughter, Calli.     One day in the park we met another Golden owner, and KPETS team, Susan Hamberger and Max.  Susan told us about the organization and soon we were sold on Misty becoming a KPETS dog since she had the perfect temper for the […]

Through Canine Eyes And Angel Heart

As I accompany my canine partner to meet and visit with new and known friends at the Dove House, there’s not a time that I haven’t looked up and given thanks for the opportunity to just be there.  After every visit, I give a big hug and warm, heartfelt “thank you” to my pup for […]

A Special Day for Jill AND her friends! – by Nancy Dixon

A Special Day for Jill AND her friends!  – by Nancy Dixon As April 14th approached, I began to think about Jill’s eleventh birthday.  With each year we cherish the time with her even more.  My thought process began  with “let’s celebrate”,  and progressed to “maybe a birthday party .”  The next question was “where would we […]