A Special Day for Jill AND her friends! – by Nancy Dixon

A Special Day for
Jill AND her friends! 

– by Nancy Dixon

As April 14th approached, I began to think about Jill’s eleventh birthday.  With each year we cherish the time with her even more.  My thought process began  with “let’s celebrate”,  and progressed to “maybe a birthday party .”  The next question was “where would we have the party?”  At home would be nice, but where could  we share Jill’s party?  Of course!!!! Jill’s special friends that we  have visited every Monday for the last year and and half!  Colonial Manor Nursing Home!   The residents there wait faithfully every Monday for their Jill visit.  They have photos of her in their rooms, save morsels  off their lunch trays to share with her, and on occasion even have heated discussions over who  she likes best on any given day.   Perfect place!

After receiving permission from the Activities Director and assuring her that I would take care of everything, the planning began.   As with most things I do, it got a bit out of hand.  If one balloon was good, then  forty would be better.  The same with streamers, table decorations, and of course we needed cupcakes and ice cream with special birthday plates and napkins.   Everything grew from there, and the wonderful folks at Colonial Manor jumped right in to help.   Jill needed a birthday cake and a festive  collar.  We needed a piano because by now everyone knew about the party and was getting very excited.  They were making birthday cards for Jill and practicing the Happy Birthday Song.

Finally, April 14 arrived and the decorating began.   Excitement was high at Colonial Manor to say the least!!  The party began and was a huge hit.  Jill celebrated her birthday with 65 of her special friends, most in wheelchairs, but all with smiles on their faces.   The Happy Birthday Song was perfect, the cards were touching, and Jill even enjoyed licking the last  drops of ice cream off of  a few plates.   As the residents left the party,  I noticed several were clutching the special party napkins as keepsakes.     Yes, this was the perfect place. The residents are still talking about the party, and I will never forget the joy  that was in the party room that day.   I think Jill was even smiling.

Nancy Dixon and Jill