How Animal-Assisted Therapy Services Benefit Cancer Patients

Animal-assisted therapy (also known as pet therapy) is one common option for improving participants’ mental – and physical – health. The therapy is popular among people with a wide range of conditions, and cancer patients are especially likely to benefit from the sessions. After knowing their poor prognosis factors, cancer patients often find themselves dealing […]

Oldie but Goodie from 04/22/2008

Sunday with Farmer Just wanted to share a little story with you all about our visit yesterday. I’m not real good at standing up and sharing stories in front of everyone, but now that I have THIS avenue to share…well, you’ll probably all be bored to tears with my stories before too long…LOL! When Farmer […]

Oldie but Goodie / 03/08/2008

That’s One Big Cat! This is one of those stories that you had to have been there. The sight of it was the funny part. The activity director at Popsicle’s facility had a special request for him to visit this particular elderly woman. She loved cats. So the director and I went in to her […]

Oldie but Goodie / Pee Mail 3/7/2008

KPETS is discontinuing our old forum and moving to a blog format. Some of these old post are too great to have disappear. So the next couple posts will be from the ‘archives’. Pee Mail / by Mary Gottfried Murray and I do home visits with 3 Autistic brothers, ages 6, 8, and 12- it’s […]

KPETS and Kollege Kids (90+ of them))

Touching Lives * Warming Hearts in York College Email from Harriet Hombach ( KPETS Evaluator/Volunteer: “Thanks to all the KPETS teams who did a remarkably, fantastic job at York College last Thursday. If you were not there, you missed lots of fun with YCP  staff and students. As you can see from the below email, we have […]

Tales of Two Dogs

New KPETS Therapy Teams inititated a new program at The Arthur Hufnagel Public Library of Glen Rock, PA. Jenn Irwin along with Hillary and Madilyn Bull and the Arthur Hufnagle Public Librarty created the “Tales of Two Dogs” Program. Or should the be “TAILS” of Two Dogs:) Click here to view the program flyer! and find […]

Multi-tasking KPETS Dog

KPETS team Copper Candy and Nan Hanshaw volunteered in several educational booths during the Farm Show January 7th through 14th. Copper drew the crowds for the Pennsylvania Animal Response Team (PASART) and the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA). He worked sereral-hour shifts *  for several days and greeted hundreds of children and grown ups. When Copper […]

At-Risk Teens share with Adams County SPCA

During their November visit to Abraxas Youth Detention Center at South Mountain in Franklin County, volunteers Donna Gomer  with Cullen and Wendi Mitzel with Meeko assisted the teens in making new adoption gift bags for the Adams County SPCA.  The gift bags included small bags of treats, a special note from a teen at the […]