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Penn Vet Canine Blood Bank

Due to budget limitations as a result of Covid, the UPenn Canine Blood Mobile will not be coming to Lancaster for the remainder of 2020.  We hope to have them back next year. Thank you to all who have supported this wonderful program in the past!

Learn More about the University of Pennsylvania Canine Blood Donation program.

Your dog can donate if…

~has a good temperament and is a willing volunteer
~weighs at least 55
~is between 1 and 7 years of age
~is in excellent health
~is up to date on vaccines ( rabies and DHLPP vaccines-any other vaccines are ok but not required)
~is not taking any medication other than flea, tick or heartworm preventative

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Thank You!

  • Each unit of donated blood can help save up to three critically ill dogs.
  • Every qualified donor receives a full blood check, which includes a chemistry screen, CBC, heartworm test and a tick borne disease test.
  • Once your dog donates blood for the first time, they are eligible to receive blood, free of charge, equal to the number of units donated in their lifetime should they ever need a transfusion.