Touching Lives, Warming Hearts

Through Human & Animal Interactions

Moose McDowell

Beloved Companion of Jasmine McDowell

February 14, 2006 – March 17, 201511082618_929833177050460_7831292602997060056_n

(Jasmine’s Valentine baby)

“I regret to inform you that my beloved dog (a once stray pup from the Humane League of Lancaster County named “Radar’) Moose, a KPETS registered pit bull therapy dog and former demo dog for Phoenix Assistance Dogs died yesterday evening from Lymphosarcoma at around 6:30 p.m. at Saint Francis Animal Hospital in Columbia, PA.

My Mom, my fiance John, and I were by his side and my grandmother waited in the waiting room.

The folks at Saint Francis Animal Hospital were amazing. If ever you need to take your pet some place where the folks will love your little one as much as you do, it’s there at 3935 Concordia Road in Columbia. Roxanne, Dr. Joe, Molly and the rest of the staff walked me through every step of Moose’s palliative care. They showed me nothing but kindness, love, prayer and patience.

Moose had a great last day. He ate chicken off a silver platter, went for three walks, napped by the fireplace, had a breakfast sandwich, got tons of belly rubs, peanut butter from the jar, and on his favorite bone and snuggled with his pal, the pug. He played with sticks and ran along the river trail.

He wagged his Moose tail, even up to the end, and my best man was tired and in tremendous pain.

Bob Shank came over first thing in the morning to say bon voyage. Bob graciously paid for Moose’s end-of-life care though Saint Francis Animal Hospital.

He’s amazing!

If you want to show your appreciation, head out to 36 S Waterford Ave, Marietta, PA 17547, Shank’s Tavern, for the most amazing staff and fantastic beers on draft. I’m proud to say he is my second friend that I made in Marietta. (Bev Kreider, who also helped me through this time, is the first.) The best part was Bob was wearing a kilt when he came to see Moose.

Moose’s doogy friends Gomez, Fester and Flyer, came by to see him in the morning and Moose had a slumber party with me, his grandma and his great grandma.

He had a great day. And really, if that’s all we ever get in life–a few great days peppered into the doldrums of life–then we’re rich. Moose, in my opinion, was a millionaire.

They say you can tell how great a man is by how many people come out and pay their respects. If that’s true Moose was beyond great.

I’m just lucky to have been his Momma.”

~Jasmine McDowell