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XResource Sponsors!

Meet Our Wonderful Resource Sponsors!

These generous individuals and organizations help KPETS so much by providing the funds needed to keep a roof over our heads and our office buzzing with people intent on serving our community. “It is so very difficult to budget when you don’t know from where the necessary funding will come.”

We Cannot Thank Our Sponsors Enough!

PetSmart sponsors KPETS’ Rent for SECOND FULL YEAR!

Won’t you consider becoming a KPETS resource sponsor? We appreciate any help you may offer. Here are two ways to help sustain KPETS:

  1. Complete Resource Sponsor: Cover one of our expenses each month on an ongoing basis.
  2. Resource Sponsor for a specific month: Each year for a specific month, pledge to cover a certain resource’s cost.


One Annual Sponsor or $435 per month 

Resourse Internet

Internet Services

$125 per month

Resourse Printer

Printer Lease

$120 per month

Resourse Phone


$75 per month

 Jan      PetSmart-Logosm  15:Kim Showalter with Molly
 Feb  15:Kim Showalter with Molly 15: Helen Hurilla with Bud
 Mar 15. Carol Carlson, KPETS Volunteer with Bob 15:  Kim Showalter with Molly

15: Nancy Bouder with Buckley

15: Helen Hurilla with Bud

 Apr PetSmart-Logosm  15:  Kim Showalter with Molly
 July PetSmart-Logosm




 Oct PetSmart-Logosm

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