Touching Lives, Warming Hearts

Through Human & Animal Interactions

Macy Downing


December  2002 – December 4, 2014


It is with a heavy heart that I must relay that we lost Macy on 12/4/14.  She was not sick for long – at least she didn’t show that she was sick anyway.  Over Thanksgiving she wasn’t quite as energetic as usual but still participated in all her normal activities.  We started diagnostics on Monday 12/1 and found out two days later through more extensive testing that she had cancer in several organs and it had already traveled to her lungs.  She was a very brave and stoic girl.

KPETS2013_006We are so grateful that God provided his gift of such a perfect dog a little over three years ago at a time when we were grieving our previous Giant Schnauzer.  She helped us heal from that loss with her sweet, easy nature and ability to weasel her way into every aspect of our lives.  She rescued us just as much as we rescued her. I miss her terribly but remind myself constantly how lucky we were to have had her.

~Sue Downing