Touching Lives, Warming Hearts

Through Human & Animal Interactions

Max LoVecchio

Beloved Companion of Joe LoVecchio

October 2004 – May 2016

Max was Sammy’s nephew (KPETS CoFounder) and was a loving, gentle companion and caregiver just like his uncle. We worked as a team for several years at Lancaster Rehab Hospital, where he was always eager to go to work. As soon as his KPETS vest was put on he was so excited and couldn’t wait to jump in the car. At the hospital his affection was not limited to the patients, but was a close friend and stress reliever to many staff members. They really looked forward to seeing him and frequently offered both hugs and treats. Because of Max, I learned the true meaning of our motto: “Touching lives, warming hearts”. The outpouring of sympathy from many of the hospital therapists and staff reinforced my belief that he was truly a special dog whose ability to comfort those in need was a special gift. We learned so much about each other as a team this past year as we earned our Crisis Response certification. We all miss him dearly and are thankful to our KPETS and Tarameg family for all your support.