Touching Lives, Warming Hearts

Through Human & Animal Interactions

Step Four: Final Steps to Becoming a Therapy Team

The Pathways to Success Form (Membership Checklist) in your Orientation Folder will guide you through this process.


~Pet must be at least one year old.
~Pets must have lived with handler for at least six months.
~You must have attended a KPETS Orientation Session within the past year.
~You successfully completed a Group Evaluation.
~You successfully completed your required Visit Evaluations.


Complete your background checks


To finish the registration process…

  1. All required paperwork (found on your Pathways to Success form under Step 4) needs to be completed and submitted for processing to the KPETS office via mail or scan to
  2. Email a photo of you and your pet together for your ID Badge (photo should be of your faces close together) to 
  3.  To comply with the PA law regarding Background Checks,  KPETS will need copies of your background checks on file before we can complete your registration process. (Click here for KPETS Background Checks Policy and website links.)
  4.  Submit a membership fee of $40 (plus $5 for each additional therapy animal) payable to KPETS.

Upon completion, you will then receive…

~A Certificate of Completion
~Your official KPETS name tag
~A scarf for your pet to wear when doing KPETS visits.
~A letter stating your liability insurance coverage through September 15th of each year.

Please contact us with questions.