Touching Lives, Warming Hearts

Through Human & Animal Interactions

Echo Waple

Beloved Companion of  Sherry Waple

July 7, 2010 –  August 30, 2016

Riding in “your” Kubota
Hiking in the mountains with mom.
Searching for a lost subject
Chasing balls, watching TV and playing with “hog”.

Getting peanut butter from daddy
Running crazy through the field
and jumping like your legs had springs.
Diving in the pool after “ducky”
They were just a few of your favorite things.

The brightness in your eyes
The wag of your little nub.
That lip raised smile
Let everyone know you were sending them love.

Our sweet little girl you were one of a kind
And you were taken way too young.
No other will ever take your place
For you will forever be missed and forever be loved

Our hope is now that you have arrived on the other side
You are training to be the K9 cop you so desired.

We Miss and Love you Echo!
~Sherry Waple