Touching Lives, Warming Hearts

Through Human & Animal Interactions

Amber VanSchaik

Beloved Companion of Marjan VanSchaik

June 10, 2004–March 21, 2017

Amber, my Sheltie and KPETS therapy dog from 2009 until September last year, has passed away. Amber was always an “affection sponge,” a gentle and loving dog. Even when she was a puppy and my husband took her with him when he walked my daughter to school, she would sit up, wanting and expecting to be petted by all the kids in my daughter’s school. It was not until 2009 though that she became a KPETS therapy dog. In the years that we volunteered for KPETS, Amber participated in numerous special events as a KPETS ambassador, brought joy and stress relief to college students, marched in parades, and helped raise money for KPETS. Amber appeared in a TV news report on pet therapy at Millersville University and was a calendar girl for one of the KPETS calendars. Even when she slowed down in the last year of her service, Amber continued to touch the hearts of kids at our local library reading program and residents at a nearby hospice. Our KPETS work also enriched and deepened my personal bond with Amber. She is sorely missed by all of us.

~Marjan VanSchaik