PA Farm Show Vacc. Clinic-Event-Dauphin County

January 8, 2022 @ 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
2300 N Cameron St
PA 17110

When: 1/8 & 9 (Sat and Sun) 12-8pm, 10-14 (Mon – Fri ) 2-8pm, 1/15 (Sat) 10-5pm

What: The Pennsylvania Farm Show is hosting a vaccine clinic for children and adults (COVID-19 and Flu). They would love some KPETS dog teams to provide comfort and stress relief to help with the nervous children and adults.  The clinic will be held near the butter sculpture, West Hall at booths 1203/1212.  It’s unlikely we can have coverage the whole time, but they appreciate any hours we can do. They want one team at a time due to space constraints.

Where: PA Farm Show complex, 2300 N Cameron St, Harrisburg, PA 17110. 

NOTE: Parking may cost up to $15. Parking passes are available. Passes will be mailed to you if you sign up before Friday, December 31st. If you sign up after that date, please contact Sarah to make arrangements to pick up a pass. Your other option is to just pay for parking. If you haven’t been to the farm show before, please know there is a lot of walking involved and you may need to use a shuttle from the parking lots to the farm show building. Be sure to bring your KPETS ID and have your dog’s scarf or vest on.

COVID Precautions: SITE – Masks required in clinic. KPETS General – Visiting volunteers must have a signed KPETS volunteer agreement COVID-19 addendum on file with KPETS and follow current CDC, state, local and the visit site’s COVID-19 guidelines during each visit.

Contacts: KPETS – Rhonda at, Site – Sarah Edge at (717) 315-8331 or


After you sign up, IF YOUR PLANS CHANGE AND YOU CANNOT ATTEND, please delete your sign-up so someone else can fill your spot. If you cancel on short notice, please also call the site’s contact person as a courtesy. People look forward to us being there. THANK YOU!