Allen Middle School – Cumberland County

April 14, 2021 @ 1:50 pm – 2:35 pm
Allen Middle School
4225 Gettysburg Rd.
Camp Hill Pennsylvania 17011

WHAT: Allen Middle School has invited KPETS to be a part of their “Reward Day” to visit with their children. Approx # of Attendees: 20 students per day if one team/up to 40 students per day if 2 teams sign up per day.  This is an opportunity for 4 teams to sign up. We ask that teams only sign up for one day initially to give more teams a chance to participate.

Pet Type Preferred: dog – low allergen preferred but any dog accepted. – They are having a disclaimer put up for all students asking them not sign up to attend if they have allergies, will screen students with the nurse and not allow allergic students to attend.  All students who participate will be wearing masks and will keep proper social distancing.  Weather permitting this may be held outside. In the event of inclement weather they have a large indoor area to properly social distance.

Only active teams (have renewed membership or are a new member) with a COVID Addendum on file are eligible to sign up. Check with Rhonda if you have questions about your status.

Contact Info: KPETS: Rhonda at