Oldie but Goodie from 08/24/2008 – Another Farmer Story

Another Farmer Story

Yesterday was his Saturday to visit the kids at Lancaster Library. He always seems to get extra excited to go there, I think because this visit is a “light” visit, compared with the nursing home. I really think Farmer bears the weight of the nursing home on his shoulders sometimes. It is a much more serious place, so he looks forward to his time with the kids, just having some fun!

Because this library is in the heart of the city, we spend time with kids from all walks of life, sometimes they are with parents, sometimes just big brothers and sisters, sometimes they wander in by themselves, and I don’t always know what their backgrounds or lives are like.

So, Farmer was busy with a brother and sister, ages about 7 and 3, mom was with them, things were going well…there was a boy quietly hanging in the background, watching. The little girl, 3-yr-old, was trying to “read” to Farmer so I didn’t want to interrupt them, but Farmer just kept gravitating toward this boy. There were no parents with him, and he seemed shy. I, mistakenly, I might add (LOL) tried to interrupt Farmer’s intentions and keep him with this little girl until she finished reading (although at 3, her attention span was not very long anyhow!)..but he kept INSISTING on going over to this little boy, so finally I wised up, and gave in to him…I asked the boy if he would like to get a book and read to Farmer, and his eyes lit up and he said YES!…so off he went to get a book…and meanwhile the 3-yr-old finished.

The boy came back with his book and sat with Farmer, after a few “face kisses” and some bonding, he started to read. I realized then that he was a very slow reader, and a little bit self-conscious about it. He was having some trouble with words, and I helped him when he got stuck, and at one point the 7-yr-old from the first family helped him…but, as children will be, the 7-yr-old, who was a much better reader, started asking him questions about how old he was, obviously showing his disbelief at how poor of a reader the other boy was.

But it didn’t seem to matter, because right there was Farmer, and Farmer didn’t care how long he took to read, or how many words he got stuck on, from the look on Farmer’s face, this boy was the BEST reader in the whole wide world! So, the 7-yr-old got bored, and walked away, and next thing I know, the slow-reading boy and Farmer are sprawled across the floor, finishing their story.

It’s at moments like these, that I realize that I am just merely a vessel…somehow I was chosen by God to shelter and feed this dog, so that he can go out into the world and do what he was always meant to do!

And I just sit back and watch, in wonder, as these little miracles happen…and for Farmer, its just all in a day’s work!

York County