Oldie but Goodie from 04/22/2008

Sunday with Farmer

Just wanted to share a little story with you all about our visit yesterday. I’m not real good at standing up and sharing stories in front of everyone, but now that I have THIS avenue to share…well, you’ll probably all be bored to tears with my stories before too long…LOL!

When Farmer and I started down our first hall at Susquehanna Rehab, we noticed that one of the guest rooms was overflowing with family. That usually means that someone is nearing the end of their time on this earth, and indeed, that was the case. I don’t think it was someone that we visit regularly, didn’t recognize the name, but the family was, obviously, distressed. We had stopped to visit another lady in a wheelchair, and it just seemed as though Farmer’s presence was drawing all of these family members to him. They just kept coming over and hugging him, usually with tears, one of the women said, “Farmer, can you go into Room 7 and ask her please not to leave us yet?” and she started to cry. And there was a little boy who kept coming over to Farmer, I think for a short diversion from all the sadness, much of which he probably didn’t really comprehend.

Farmer just sat there and quietly gave them what they each needed.

So, even though he couldn’t provide therapy for the person in that room, he sure seemed like he was a huge help to her family.

Good boy, Farmer!
York County