Oldie but Goodie / 03/08/2008

That’s One Big Cat!

This is one of those stories that you had to have been there. The sight of it was the funny part.

The activity director at Popsicle’s facility had a special request for him to visit this particular elderly woman. She loved cats. So the director and I went in to her room with Popsicle. Other nursing staff followed behind us to watch. I’m thinking the resident must really love cats and the staff wants to watch her joy as she sees Popsicle.

The resident was a very very petite, adorable elderly woman. She was sitting in a chair and motioned to bring Popsicle over closer. Then she tried to pick Popsicle up! Remember, Popsicle is a very large 25 pound cat, and the resident was very very petite. I’d say Popsicle was 1/3rd her weight. The staff started laughing at the sight. (It dawned on me why they followed us in there…. they knew beforehand she wanted to hold this cougar-sized cat and they wanted to see that.) Of course she couldn’t pick Popsicle up, so she wanted me to place him on her tiny lap. Well…. in order to do that, I had to fully extend my arms out, with a 25 pound (very cooperative!) big boy laying over my hands. I gently let his legs barely touch her lap (no way was I going to let his full weight on such a tiny person) and the resident made a little expression on her face…. like “uh-oh this guy is big! ” I held my arms out, bearing Popsicle’s full weight…. my arms shaking as his heaviness set in and my muscles were tiring. LOL The activity director and the staff in the room roared, watching me strain so this adorable petite woman could *pretend* she was holding Popsicle on her lap. She was so delighted to have *held* such a big boy.

I worked hard that visit! Which I am glad. Next time, she was no longer there. One of the sadnesses of our work.

Chris Helga & Popsicle
Perry County