At-Risk Teens share with Adams County SPCA

During their November visit to Abraxas Youth Detention Center at South Mountain in Franklin County, volunteers Donna Gomer  with Cullen and Wendi Mitzel with Meeko assisted the teens in making new adoption gift bags for the Adams County SPCA.  The gift bags included small bags of treats, a special note from a teen at the Center, a new traffic leash, and braided fleece toy. 
The teens at the Center were provided the materials and braided the leashes and also the toys.  All the teens had a great time braiding, making treat bags, and writing a special note for the bag they put together.  Cullen and Meeko even got a few treats to bring home!  The teens did not want any dog left out and even made extras for some of the staff who had dogs.   All these items were placed in a larger bag and tied together with red or green ribbon with a note to the new owner attached.  Donna Gomer then took the gift bags and presented them to the Adams County SPCA.
Donna and Wendi along with their therapy dogs visit Abraxas bi-monthly.  The teens love working with the dogs, learning new ways to train using positive reinforcement, and just visiting with them.  We work closely with the counselor to develop new ways to effectively use our visits to help these teens find their way back into society as more caring, loving, giving, successful individuals.