Gio Delivers Santa (and more) to Luther Acres

On our most recent visit to Luther Acres Gio wanted to take Santa along to cheer the residents. So we pulled out his wagon and harness, put some Christmas lights around Santa, sat him in the wagon, and hitched it up to Gio.

Gio pulled it very proudly – you can almost see him saying “look what I have here”. Bandit got in on the Christmas excitement by dressing up in his special Christmas collar. We walked the halls to greet the residents and wish them all Merry Christmas.  We saw many smiles and laughs as we made our rounds. Later Bandit wanted to try out sitting in the wagon so out came Santa and in went Bandit. (We did not try pulling it this way yet as this was the first time Bandit had seen the wagon!) Both dogs were very entertaining!

On our  regular visits to Luther Acres there are two teams Gio with Jolene Newcomer along with Bandit with Marilyn Mackey, The big dog and the little dog teams – everyone so enjoys seeing the two together and making comparisons.