Medical Breakthrough :-) Cooling Lab Treatments

Billy and I took my father to radiation therapy one day a few weeks ago. When we left the house it was a nice, cool day for Billy to wait in the car. (He LOVES the car). By the time we arrived, however, I was not comfortable leaving him as the temperature had risen quickly. I suited him up and he came into the waiting room with us. Everyone was crazy for him, of course.

One young man who is receiving radiation for a brain tumor was petting Billy (big black lab) and commented on his tail wagging being like a fan! This young man shared that he gets very hot and quite claustrophobic during his treatment. He said that he was going to try and remember Billy’s tail fanning him when his symptoms began.

We were still in the waiting room when the man returned and he said that he had never had a better treatment because he concentrated on Billy’s tail fanning him! What a blessing for both of us!