Tammy and Nikki – Rescue to to S&R AND Therapy!

KPETS Volunteer Tammy Mankey wanted to let us all know of the link to the interview she did of BCTV in Berks County on Monday, August 15, 2011 at 6:30 pm. Tammy was interviewed along with Nikki, her search and rescue dog, for winning another award for saving another life!

They discussed how Nikki came from their shelter and how she has saved many people as a search dog. They also  point out how she uses her personality as a KPETS Therapy Dog to cheer up others in the hospital. Tammy and Nikki sometimes respond to fires and use the dogs to comfort family members and their children. The firefighters often come over as well – even though they should be doing their job 🙂 

Nikki has won an award from when there was the Church Street fires when ten homes went up in flames. They stayed overnight at the shelter to comfort the familys and children since they lost their own pets in a fire.
Tammy promoted KPETS and talked about Nikki’s success as a working dog.  Now as Nikki moves into her later years in life, this is her way of still bringing people cheer and that she does!  Tammy states: “She does not give them a choice when she sits on their feet and holds them hostage”.She also told us: “KPETS is such a vital part of the community and we are so proud to be part of a wonderful organization. Hope you all get a chance to view it clip” 
We hope you do too! Great job, Tammy. We’re do proud of you and Nikki!