The Two Wheeler Story

 Today Chester visited his buddy Andy (name change) for their half hour of occupational therapy.    

Chester and buddy ready to go:)

One of the things Andy had on his chart was to ride the two-wheeler around the indoor hallway loop. 

Andy is learning to ride a bicycle, it’s a slow, challenging process, figuring out how to balance on two skinny tires when balancing is already difficult. So far Andy’s been able to sit on the seat, putting one foot on a pedal, one foot on the floor. Push, glide, push, glide. Balance.
Today, Rebecca, his therapist chose the blue two-wheeler.  Andy wanted the red tricycle, it was easier, safer.  He got angry, “NO! NO!” He stomped away, turning in circles.
I draped Chester’s red leash over the silver handlebar. Chester sat and waited. 
“Look, Chester’s waiting for you.” Rebecca said, pointing to the patient pup.
Andy continued to look away, shaking his head, “NO, NO!”
As Andy walked further, Rebecca calmly asked, “Would you like me to tell Chester to go home today since you don’t want to ride the bike with him?”

“NO.” Andy ran back from across the room, climbed up on the bike, resting his hand atop Chester’s red leash.  Andy balanced, he pushed and glided, pushed and glided, while Chester trotted and smiles, close by his side.
It was a good day – on a bicycle built for two J