Take Your Kids To Work Day

Sammy, Jacob and Gilly

 Returning for maybe the fourth year in a row, Nancy Houston/Gilly and Karen Gerth/Sammy presented at informational and fun presentation to the kids who went to Lancaster General’s Take Your Kids To Work Day.
After discussing the responsibilities of owning a pet, the fun things we can do with our pets and jobs that specially trained dogs may have, Sammy and Gilly demonstrated what KPETS Therapy Dogs can do to help physical therapy patients at the Lancaster Rehab Hospital.

Gillly demontrates walking with PT ‘patient’

To demonstrate how patients work on their balance after surgeries, etc., the kids had to stand on one foot and toss the ball for an eager Sammy to retrieve.
Gilly demonstrated for the kids how much fun it is to walk a dog while struggling to guide a walker, simulating what patients may have to do during their physical therapy sessions after a injury.

Looks like the boys, Sammy and Gilly, have a new fan club, especially Jacob Rissmiller, Dawn Rissmiller’s son!