Volunteer Award Goes to Jasmine and Moose! – by Jasmine Grimm

Moose and I were nominated for the Humane League of Lancaster County’s Henry C. Brandt Volunteer of the Year Award at their annual Wags & Whiskers Gala. 
Since KPETS are the ones who certified Moose, I thought you’d want to share in the nomination. Thank you for all you’ve done for me, guys! The letter for the nomination is below. 
Dear Mr. Hess,

Its difficult to even write this email to you without my eyes brimming with tears.

My heart fills with pride when I think of all the time and love that Jasmine Grimm has extended to her passions – helping people and pit bulls by bridging the gap that has been created between them over the years.

Jasmine and her pit bull Moose are always on the go.  Whether it be to comfort dying patients at Hospice, let children who have no home read to Moose, or simply using her words to reclaim a breeds integrity – Jasmine is there.
She has organized and rallied her friends, business partners, family and even complete strangers to donate, volunteer or simply lend a hand to the Lancaster County Humane League.

She is writing for Stubbydog.org to help pits worldwide and, to help us all with understanding.

All this and holding down a full time job would be too much for most of us.  Not Jasmine!  Her grit and determination combined with intelligence and caring allow her to move mountains to achieve her goals.

She has taken steps to certify her pitt as a therapy dog, one of less than 40 pit bulls certified across the USA.

She shared with me one occasion at Hospice where the patient was passing. She and Moose were the only ones there with the patient.  They knew the end was near and she said the patient looked over at her, as Moose lay gently beside him.  She said his hand stroked Moose’s paw and a smile came to his face.  H
How many of us could or would withstand that type of emotional drain and still keep going?

Jasmine does and continues to do it daily. I don’t know if you would consider her Volunteer of the Year, by personally, I consider her Volunteer of the Century, because that is just who and what she is.

e thanked Jasmine for bringing Moose in to see him that day.  He said it was nice “not being alone”.  It was his last day on this earth.