Chester at Schreiber Pediatric

submitted by KPETS handler Diane and her two year old Golden Retriever, Chester
Chester and I were walking down the hallway this afternoon to our regular 3:30 appointment at Schreiber.
One of the speech therapists came out of her room and said, “Would you mind coming back to my room for a moment?  I am working with a little girl, and in all my time working with her I have never heard her speak a complete sentence. When you  just walked past my door she said, ‘Can I pet the dog?’ ”   
Well,  of course I turned around and went into her room with Chester.  The girl was all smiles and so excited to pet Chester.  While petting Chester she said, “I have a dog at home!”.  The therapist was amazed, then said calmly to me, “sentence #2!” 
She asked the girl about her dog at home.  The girl reached into her backpack, pulled out a stuffed doggie, kissed Chester with her stuffed doggie, and said, “This is my doggie!”  Therapist said quietly, “Sentence #3…” 
Does God use KPETS to make a difference & bring healing  in the lives of children?  YES!   …Sometimes, just by walking down a hallway.
I totally had tears in my eyes with this one 🙂