In Memory of Podley

Well, it’s official. Podley has been gone for one year today. Probably about now I was in his crate at the Pet Emergency in York, holding his non-repsonsive little body next to me as I tried to take in every detail about him. It’s so hard to hear his breath and then he stopped. How horrible. If only they could have saved him. We miss his so – every day.

But as I sit hear typing, Dad and Max are bonding. Bill seated on the couch with Max lying next to him, tail wagging.  Not touching each other at all. But as Bill turns to look at him, Max’s tail starts to thump a little faster. Then as Bill looks away, the tail slows, but never stops. Then as Bill raises his hand to pet, that little tail goes SO fast. How precious. I must be thankful for what we do have. Cinda, Sammy, Max and even for Zeke too. 

None will ever be as gentle a soul as Podley and Podley will always be one of those once-in-a-life-time dogs. As my heart breaks thinking of last year at this time, I still have to believe that my loving God will allow us to meet again in Heaven.