Sammy made an impression

While working away in the office today, a lady stopped by to request a visit for two special needs adult ladies that she supervises in their group home. Her name was Gayle. I knew she looked familiar from somewhere but could not place her. She knew me from way back a few years ago when she attempted to get her dog registered with KPETS. But her dog was dog agressive so we could not register them.

Gayle then mentioned that she met us at the Pet Expo the other weekend with one of her special ladies. It was coming back to me. She mentioned that, since meeting Sammy, her friend could not stop taking about my boy! She had met another dog that day as well, but she was really hooked on Sammy.

Gayle stated that as her friend leaned forward in her wheelchair to reach for Sammy, that was further than she ever does for her – even to put her coat on.
She stated that her friend talked more to me than she had ever talked to any stranger, that she has ever seen.

She continued to talk about Sammy for days, about how she fed him treats. Gayle said that her friend’s speech was so much more understandable when she spoke to us.

My boy! I’m so proud of him. Just like Podley did, he’s making lasting impressions!