3rd Saturday in Dec

Oh, it’s so hard to believe it’s been a whole year since little Pod passed away so suddenly at only 5.5 years old. The third Saturday in December of ’09 (December 19).  As I go about our day getting ready for Christams this year, I can’t help be recall throughout the day, where we were last year on the same Saturday.

As I mucked the stalls, I kept thinking, last year, there was a sweet 3-legged boy sleeping in the house awaiting our romp in the woods.

As we finished breakfast with my family and glanced at my watch at 10:20, I recalled that by this time we were already in crisis mode. He had already collapsed and the end was beginning.

As I walked each dog in the afternoon on our new path around the property and up the neighbors field, I couldn’t help but think, Pod never got to take this route. As we walked through the dried leaves and sticks through the woods, I remembered his running with his brother Sammy that final day in the deep snow where we now trod.

Taking three walks in order to get all four pups their special time, I can’t help but miss Podley greatly. He was such a special gift from God above. When I do miss the his terribly I try not to dwell, but turn to God and give him thanks for what we do have.