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Through Human & Animal Interactions

BG Check Help

FBI Fingerprint Instructions

Go to

and choose Pennsylvania

Choose the Department
of Public Welfare (or it may
say Human Services – this icon
has changed a couple times)
From this page, choose Register online. FBI3
Complete this form with
all the required information.
Choose “Employment with a
Significant Likelihood of regular
contact with Children”
for the
bottom, choose NEXT.The next
screen will be a verification of the
data you entered. Review and if
all is ok, choose NEXT.
Enter your payment method:
Image to right is for credit card
payment.Fill in all required data and
choose NEXT and complete
the payment process.
The registration form will be on
the next screen. You will need to
print this out and take to an
fingerprint location near you.There is a link on the screen
showing you where you can find
(circled in red on the image at right)Here is a link for Lancaster
and surrounding locations.

PA State Police Criminal Record Check

Choose Submit a
New Record Check

Click on “Accept” to
agree to  the terms
and conditions
Chose “Volunteer”
as the
Reason for Request and choose NEXT
The Information Review page
will come up. Verify that your
data is correct and choose PROCEED

Fill out the “Record Check Request Page” with all required data and choose ENTER THIS REQUEST

I have already completed mine so I don’t have screen shots to share with you at this time. But it will ask you for your credit card info. You will also be able to print (and maybe save) your clearances.


PA Child Abuse History Clearance

Click here to go to the

Child Abuse History Page

and choose


The next screen will have two options at the top.

View the General information.



Then choose an the choose Profile Information.

The next screens will ask A LOT of questions. Just follow the online directions.

Again, I completed mine a while back so I do not have access to all the screens.