Touching Lives, Warming Hearts

Through Human & Animal Interactions


Beloved Companion of Adella Houck & Wendy Mckelvy

2003 – December 19, 2011

Her Legacy

Lexi sadly passed away on December 19, 2011.  One of KPETS’ finest therapy dogs is living pain-free with all our precious pups who have gone on before us!

We, Adella and Wendy, received some sad news about Lexi, our eight year old Golden Retriever. She was diagnosed with lymphoma. Without chemo treatment her life could be as short as one month, and with chemo the hope is to put it in remission for possibly a year and, who knows, hopefully even longer. We have chosen treatment that will go through June, so this challenge will also go through June.

Lexi was a rescue through DVGRR (Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue). She had already been in two homes and was thought to be aggressive, so there was talk of putting her down. We were asked to foster her and evaluate her and the rest was history. She flourished in our home and we adopted her. We joined KPETS after we had her a year and began visiting nursing homes. Lexi found her purpose in life and brought such joy toso many residents. Lexi was so happy to have a “job” to do and we got such fulfillment watching Lexi develop into a wonderful therapy dog.

KPETS was a turning point in Lexi’s life and ours. You cannot put a price on the amount of love that Lexi and all of our KPETS therapy animals bring people. There are so many lives we touch, and even change, through our visits. Unfortunately KPETS can not survive on love alone. If that were the case, KPETS would be a billion dollar organization. Our challenge to everyone who loves their KPETS therapy animals is to make a donation and help Lexi reach her goal of raising $2,500 for KPETS. We will match the money raised in honor of Lexi, and her fight to continue to be able to spread her love, up to an additional $2,500. We are confident that you all have a deep appreciation and love for KPETS and can be part of raising $5,000 for this organization. You see the joy in children’s eyes at the reading program, or the smile on a resident that looks forward to the animal visits. We could not share the love we have for our therapy animals with so many other people if we did not have KPETS.

Please take a moment to reflect on what KPETS has brought to you, your family and your pet then send a donation in Lexi’s honor. Any amount will help ensure KPETS will continue to grow and spread love through our therapy animals. We are supposed to keep Lexi’s spirits up and raising a lot of money will definitely keep Lexi’s tail wagging for many more wonderful visits to her friends she has made over the years.

Make a donation by sending a check to the KPETS, 630 Janet Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17601 or use the Donate button on Be sure to note “Lexi” on your donation.

Thanks in advance for your support and looking forward to making Lexi proud! ~

~Adella Houck & Wendy Mckelvy